Thank You Frank! Your honesty and Knowledge made us a believer. Real Estate was our answer to financial security and retirement. From you’re direction of the sale of our family home to the purchase of our condominium, along with the sale/exchange of our existing high- management properties, (our life long business) the ease and confidence of an income stream simply deposited in our personal account was amazing. Michael & Diane

We thank you for the opportunity to own our own home. As a first time home buyer, we were so frustrated by all variables-from knowing what we were looking at when viewing a home to understanding the financial terminology. You helped us make the right decisions, especially when I see all these foreclosures. I wish I knew how to tell everyone I know about you.  Eric & Jennifer

Hey, Frank, we did it. Our home is finished and we love it. Your help with obtaining our lot and building package is the only reason we accomplished our dream of a new home in a fantastic subdivision. You know how skeptical we were of building, but your coordination of the lot and home package along with sale of your home made it all possible. Carl & Lisa

Our experience was great. Thanks for the insight. We never expected to have this much fun buying a lot from you. You did a great job establishing our Subdivision. Our lot value has increased enough that we really did not need a cash down payment. Our lot was security enough. Thanks again! Keep us informed on future subdivisions.  Mary